• Intelligent IVI System

    Semisky is the first pre-installation Carnet-IVI company whose products got listed domestically. Based on the original Linunx and Android systems, combined with the operating habits of vehicle’s working environment, Semisky has developed our own public software. The development of various functions is stripped of the original systems and main chips manufacturers, which not only enhances the inheritance, but also ensures the accountability and stability of the products. Semisky has outstanding design ability even under the condition of “high quality”,”high requirements” and “complex environment”, and abundant experience in the implementation of industrial products projects and production techniques guarantee.

  • ADAS

    The image recognition technology of vehicle camera sensor based camera system for passenger cars provide around looked driving assistance based on. 3D automatic calibration technology to enter the automotive production line solutions At the same time

  • Car Ethernet

    Semisky vehicle Ethernet audio video bridging technology (Ethernet Audio/Video Bridging, hereinafter referred to as Ethernet AVB) is a new IEEE 802 standard, which is based on the traditional Ethernet network, through the protection bandwidth (Bandwidth), (Latency) and limited delay precision clock synchronization (Time synchronization), to provide the perfect service quality (Quality of Service), to support a variety of network multimedia application based on audio and video. Ethernet AVB focuses on enhancing the real-time audio and video performance of traditional Ethernet, while maintaining a 1

  • Car DTV

    semisky has become a leading supplier of CMMB, ISDB, DTMB (CTTB), DVB-T / DVB-T2 digital TV solutions in the world, including complete modules and complete products, as well as expanding products. The only supplier, ISDB exported to Japan, South America, has become an automotive manufacturer of choice, DVB-T2 sold to Thailand, Russia, Europe, to the user experience a new digital experience.





iGentAI Computing Technology (Shen Zhen)Co.,Ltd.

Professional automotive pre installed CarNet-IVI t...

iGentAI was founded in 2005, in the vehicle mobile DTV, car front loading networking and other fields with a wealth of technical precipitation and success stories. Vehicle mobile DTV coverage of the global standard system, products and services in the global market share of vehicle mobile first. In the field of industry car networking, race Meske is the first company to install CarNet-IVI products listed! Native LINUX and Android two systems based on the company, combined with the vehicle environmental habits, the depth of customization has formed the match Meske public version of the software, the development of each functional peelable main chip manufacturers, to inherit the software...

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